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Getting into your Coffee? Read these blogs

Getting into your Coffee? Read these blogs

One of the wonders of the internet in the 21st Century has been a proliferation of independent sources of information, namely through blogs. Being part of a community - in our case, the craft of coffee - means wanting to share that enthusiasm and learn from others in the field. Here’s a list of just four blogs that you might want to have a look at if you’re interested in the coffee industry, craft coffee, new coffee ideas and coffee culture around the world.


The Coffee Compass

1. The Coffee Compass

The introduction to Coffee Compass' About Us page sums up this blog perfectly. In their words: “If you’re enjoying a craft cup of coffee, that didn’t happen by accident. Somewhere a farmer cared about growing a quality product. An importer got it into the hands of a roaster, who developed a unique profile to bring out the salient flavor characteristics of that specific coffee. Finally, someone, whether it was a barista at your local cafe or you in your kitchen, carefully brewed the coffee to ensure a proper extraction. Coffee is a complicated, beautiful craft.” And with this, you’re launched into a site full of articles from ‘The Youngest Coffee Roaster in Panama’ to ‘The Only Iced Coffee Maker You’ll Ever Need.’ Well worth a visit.


Sprudge website

2. Sprudge

Sprudge Coffee Wire is perhaps a bit more on the professional magazine side of the blogosphere than The Coffee Compass, but it makes their ‘News’ section a really, really interesting place to be if you’re passionate about coffee, or trying to build your conversation starters. They cover topics ranging from changes to the National Coffee Championship’s rulebook, to new 100% compostable coffee bean bags, and back to why Light roast coffee may be better for you than Dark. Sign up for their newsletter and you’ll never be caught without a fun-fact with your coffee-loving friends again.


The Coffeetographer 

3. The Coffeetographer

The clue is in the name for this one. The Coffeetographer aims to educate all of us in just how important a role coffee plays in modern society. In her words: “With a degree from UCLA in Creative Writing, I use my editorial skills, photo-documentation and storytelling to unfold the complex and diverse world of coffee as a culture.” And that is precisely what she does. As an aside, her Instagram page is worth giving a follow to.


4. Hoxton Coffee Blog

And we couldn’t let you leave without reminding you that this is just one of the many helpful articles about the coffee world you can find right here, on the Hoxton Coffee website! We love hearing back from our visitors, so feel free to message us with any ideas for future posts, or just to ask a question about our coffee blends!
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