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Hoxton Coffee Roasters

Hoxton Coffee Roasters specialise in roasting the best small batch coffee beans from around the world, creating impact blends that change how you consume your coffee.

When you drink coffee, what do you think of? Apart from the new levels of dopamine reception, and a new buzz of energy, what jumps to mind when it comes to where this miracle beverage has come from?

Do you ponder the roasting process? Take in the subtle differences in brew flavour?

For many, this line of thinking may stop at the plantation - knowing that growing coffee beans is an age-old process, with climate and soil implicated in flavour - and that from this sprouts your morning hook.

For those of us whose interest runs deeper, perhaps you consider the roasting - that crucial means of turning green beans from the coffee plants into flavourful grinds.

At Hoxton Coffee we sit firmly in the latter. In fact, we’re so passionate about it that our small batch coffee beans are hand roasted to perfection. But that doesn’t mean we dance around what matters: coffee is coffee, and Hoxton is here to deliver a punch.

We create special, no-nonsense blends centred on full flavours like our Proper Strong and East End Blends. Our House Blend - the signature roast for baristas - is crafted with the small batch care that quality coffee demands, but turns out in full flavour. Using Eco Roast principles, our sustainable coffee is brought to you proudly from farm to cup.

Grown around the world, roasted by hand, delivered to you by Hoxton.


Hoxton Eco Roast Coffee

Loving your coffee is important. So is loving the planet we all call home. Hoxton Coffee Roasters partner with Eco Roast to ensure the most sustainable, cyclical coffee roasting we can offer: carbon-negative, closed-loop, net-positive impact.

Ethical, sustainable, carbon-negative and closed-loop

People drink a lot of coffee. We know that, you know that. What a lot of us don’t realise is just how big an impact that has on the environment

Yes, coffee beans are a renewable resource - but used coffee grounds are created by the ton each week, and whilst they’re an energy-rich resource that could be put to use, until now they’ve ended up in landfill.

Enter Eco Roast.

By collecting used coffee grounds direct from high-use areas like the hospitality industry, Hoxton Coffee partners Eco Roast harness the power in the grounds by using them as biofuel to roast your next cup of beans.

This closed-loop system means that the roasting process is carbon-negative, tons of waste doesn’t end up in landfill, and the coffee you buy from us is the most environmentally-friendly packet you can get!

Now that’s proper strong!


Change your coffee. Change the world.


hoxton coffee roasters eco roast

Hoxton Eco Roasted Coffee Process

Step 1 - Used Coffee Ground Waste Collected

Each time you order a cup of coffee at a stockist of Hoxton Coffee, you’re giving back to the world. The cafe collects the coffee grounds that would normally go to waste, and keep them in re-purposed collection containers. When the next delivery arrives from their supplier, these boxes are collected and delivered to Eco Roast.

Step 2 - Coffee Waste Turned Into Biofuel

An innovative process turns the used coffee grounds from waste to biofuel. First, the grounds are sieved to remove foreign objects, and this also helps the filtered grounds dry out. This dry, clean coffee waste is placed in a compacting press which - with huge amounts of pressure - turns it into biofuel logs. 

Step 3 - Coffee is Eco Roasted and Packaged

This is the beginning of the end of the loop. Using the biofuel logs, the specialised Eco Roasters get to work roasting new beans in the same way as a standard coffee roasting process would go. These logs power the heat required - and the roasters are so energy efficient that just 40 grams of a biofuel log will roast one kilogram of your favourite coffee beans. All excess heat generated isn’t just allowed to drift away; It is stored in big thermal tanks and used to keep the building warm over winter, ensuring optimal conditions for our special roasters. Once roasted, the coffee is cooled and packed in valved bags. This process ensures that when they reach you, they are as fresh as newly roasted beans.

Keep Coffee Carry Hoxton


Keep Coffee, Carry Hoxton

From a culture that prides itself on carrying on through tough times, Hoxton is delivering you coffee made for today’s world: High quality, but net-positive impact on the planet. With no waste going to landfill, biofuel used to power the roasting process, and a hot cup of coffee in your hands… What's not to love?

Offsetting coffee carbon dioxide with trees

Hoxton’s partnership with Eco Roast also ensures the CO2 known to be associated with the making of a coffee is negated, through an ongoing tree-planting initiative. Offering sustainable employment to people in developing countries, hundreds of fruit trees are planted every month through an Eco Roast network. That’s a huge boon for the planet - here’s the maths:

  • 1 cup of coffee requires approximately 59 grams of CO2
  • 59 grams = 4.5kg of CO2
  • A single tree can offset 222kg of Eco Roasted beans
  • Hundreds of trees planted per month!


If Jack really did trade a cow for magic beans…They must have been Hoxton Eco Roasted.

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