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About Hoxton Coffee

Coffee and quality are two things that should never be separated. Be you a short black, double espresso, latte or even mocha aficionado, Hoxton Coffee is such high quality that we can all appreciate that unique integration of acid and sugar; sweet with a bite; full-bodied juice with a touch of pepper.


The Source

There’s a reason good coffee comes from certain regions, and it stems from the soil itself. The climate these beans grow in varies of course, but taking Colombia as an example: it’s perfect coffee environment – volcanic, elevated, inside the coffee ‘bean belt’. And Hoxton Coffee doesn’t just rest on natural qualities – we’re believers in the human touch. Our coffee comes direct from the families that have been doing this over the ages. Generations of farmers that know their product inside out, just as we hope you will!

about Hoxton Coffee


Regardless of what some people think, there is a difference between normal coffee and good coffee beans. Without getting into the nitty gritty – check out our blog page for more on that – suffice to say that numerous factors go into determining the quality of the bean: tractability is one that’s often overlooked.

Tractability refers to the malleability of the bean in its formative stage – the more malleable the plant, the more it can produce the sort of flavour that high-quality coffee producers – like Hoxton – are looking for. But tractability isn’t the only factor to take note of. What about climate?

We mentioned above that climate has an impact on why certain regions produces such amazing coffee beans. This should be stressed. Buying coffee from Kenya to Brazil can result in dramatic differences, and the same applies to our source countries. Acidity and sweetness come in equal measure there, and this can be flavoured in the beans that result.

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