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Five Compelling Reasons Your Bakehouse Should Sell Hoxton Coffee

Hoxton Coffee is proud to partner with some of the best bakeries in London and the UK, showcasing the beautiful harmony between artisanal bread and ethically sourced coffee.

There is a world of difference between mass-produced beans and our small batches, with hugely favourable quality controls.

Just as you wouldn't stake your bakehouse brand on substandard sourdough, we don't put anything but the best into our coffee.

From the classic East End brew to the rich intensity of Proper Strong, we're here to discuss the benefits of selling our beans alongside your finest baked goods.

Why Sell Hoxton Coffee in Your Bakehouse?

Everything we do is based on our passion for exceptional quality coffee, true closed-loop sustainability, and hand-roasted blends that stand apart.

Baristas know that small-batch coffee hits different, delighting coffee lovers who appreciate the care you can savour with every sip.

Consumers focus on standards, local sourcing and seasonality, making it an ideal time to expand your offering to combine delicious bakes with best-in-class Hoxton Coffee.

bakehouse artisan bread

1. Championing the Best in Bakery Produce

Many of the top independent bakeries have an extensive array of fantastic breads, baked freshly with organic ingredients each day and made with high skill levels.

There is little that beats the scent of baking bread and brewing coffee, particularly if you're interested in boosting walk-in trade!

The appetite for genuine quality isn't new - this Food Service Equipment article back in 2016 reported that 83% of customers wouldn't return if they had experienced low standards.

Why incorporate a local, independent coffee brand into your menus?

  • Showcase unique, interesting and delicious pairings (think traditional currant buns with a nutty coffee blend or a smooth coffee paired with darker rye loaves).
  • Expand your menus in a low cost, profitable way - while hitting all those customer expectations.
  • Increase customer spending, using perfect coffee/pastry combinations to promote offers and new product launches.
  • Attract coffee customers as well as those who love to pick up a Danish on their way to work.

A forward-thinking bakehouse with a sustainable, local coffee brand is positioned as a one-stop-shop for thousands of commuters and locals, ensuring they won't ever need to head anywhere else for a breakfast pick-me-up or a lunchtime treat.

2. Walking the Eco-Friendly Walk

Millions of businesses claim to be environmentally responsible - but if you have the kudos to back that up, it's an excellent opportunity to communicate your values to your customers!

Our beans, produced in long-term partnerships with the Hoxton Coffee roasters, farmers and pickers, have a small - but notable - impact on the earth, and we hope on our industry:

  • Ingredients produced on small-scale farms meet social, environmental and economic standards - using trade (not aid) to support growers in marginalised communities.
  • Workers are paid fairly, with protections for suppliers against turbulent market prices, ensuring that quality is always rewarded with a good price.
  • Safeguarding environments without agricultural chemicals, soil erosion or GMOs used in farming processes.

Hoxton Coffee is an advocate for Eco Roast principles. Every time a customer orders a cup, they're paying not just for outstanding coffee but also for knowing that their favourite drink is carbon negative.

Coffee grounds are collected and returned to Eco Roast for repurposing from waste into biofuel. Clean, dry coffee waste is then compacted into biofuel logs and used in the next roasting batch.

That isn't the end of the closed-loop process, either!

The heat created in roasting is stored in thermal tanks, used for heating during the winter - and you get the freshest beans made to the highest possible environmental standards.

3. Higher Consumer Demand for Sustainable Sourcing

Our values underpin all we do, and we can talk for days about how big business chips away at margins, but the more crucial picture is what that means for our planet.

There is considerable demand for sustainability from a business perspective - as an actionable, visible commitment rather than lip service in a marketing campaign!

You can read more about the changing global coffee market in this insightful report from the World Coffee Portal, published in January, but as a few snippets of information:

  • Neighbourhood coffee shops (and bakeries!) are now preferential to big chains because consumers want to shop, drink and eat local.
  • All of the largest brands are pledging to meet carbon neutrality targets - although we know that carbon negativity is already achievable with some thought and effort!
  • 57% of coffee drinkers in the UK find ethical and sourcing practices difficult to understand - meaning that retailers need to work on effective communications to explain their green credentials better.

The UK coffee industry is worth £1.509 billion a year and is expected to grow by 10.5% compound annual growth by 2025 (per Unleashed), so now is a good time to look into quality coffee brews.

Undoubtedly, the best route to choose is small-batch vs big commerce, tapping into the pivot away from faceless brands and putting service back in the mainstream.

4. Ethical Investment Opportunities

So many bakeries shy away from expansion, assuming it'll cost an unviable amount to install equipment - and, indeed, a great coffee counter with world-class brews needs a fair bit:

  • A commercial bean grinder.
  • A coffee brewer, such as an auto-drip coffee maker.
  • A good quality espresso machine.
  • Milk, water, frothers and blenders.
  • Shelving, pumps and storage.

What's less well known is that if you emphasise your business principles, combining artisanal bread with carbon-negative coffee, you may be able to snag some high-value investment!

Whether you're crowdfunding to open a new bakehouse, looking for an angel investor to purchase a brewing kit, or applying to a conventional bank, ethically driven companies are often attractive prospects.

You Invest reports that, over five years, ethical investment funds perform, on average, 1.2% higher than a comparable fund and carry lower annual charges.

5. Defining Your Bakery Brand with Hoxton Coffee

If you're imagining how you could reinvent your bakehouse with Hoxton Coffee, it's time to consider what your brand stands for - and what you'd like customers to associate with your name!

Standing head and shoulders above the competition, especially in busy urban areas, is about finding a niche, offering added value, and investing in premium customer service.

What is the best way to create a buzz about a hip bakery with stunning coffees & chic pairing menus? Word of mouth.

Loyalty schemes for regular customers mean you can even charge a price premium for sustainably sourced, exquisite bakehouse goods and coffees while offering discounts for repeat clientele to keep them coming back for more.

There are many ways to differentiate your London bakehouse - picking a specialist cake or bread, introducing a vegan range, or creating a unique tone of voice that speaks directly to your target audience.

Please get in touch with the Hoxton Coffee team if you'd like more inspiration for introducing a coffee range to compliment your bakehouse brand!

Adding Hoxton Coffee to Your Bakery and Bread Menus

We do one thing, and we do it brilliantly - coffee.

While Hoxton Coffee can't advise on the perfect texture for a loaf or the ideal celebration cake, we can help develop a superb bakery menu.

Pairings are an exciting and innovative way to add interest to your customer experiences and elevate a simple snack into a culinary journey that many clients won't have seen before! 

You'll find details of the best pairings for coffees with savoury and sweet bakes in our in-depth guide to Creating the Perfect Hoxton Coffee Menu - a Pairing Guide for London Bakehouses.

However, if you already have a fully formed bread and bakery menu, we can advise on the right Hoxton Coffee brews to complement each item.

Hoxton Proper Strong

This heavyweight bean is a robust, powerful coffee with 100% Robusta, sourced from our partners in Vietnam, always of single-origin, and always a serious caffeine burst.

Proper Strong beans are medium-dark roasted, with maximum caffeine content, ideal for commuter bakeries and those open in the early hours (especially if you serve visitors on the graveyard shift!).

Pure Robusta is the basis for flawless espresso, with a distinctive, thicker crema - you can also use it in coffees blended with creams and syrups for a punchy flavour.

Hoxton East End Blend

Our trademark East End Blend is made from 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta - sourced from Uganda and Rwanda, then blended by our expert Hoxton Coffee roasters.

The slightly darker roast is less caffeinated (by half) but smoother for a gentler cup that works perfectly in any barista concoction.

Hoxton House Blend

Our Hoxton House Blend is an iconic medium roast and a favourite throughout the Big Smoke.

Made with 100% Arabica, it's a well-balanced coffee with a subtle finish, perfect for coffee connoisseurs.

We have a selection of alternative single-origin coffees and blends available exclusively to wholesale clients. We're always happy to chat about which ranges would be best suited to your bakehouse products!

Hoxton Coffee is also delighted to offer a bespoke blending service, where we work in collaboration with partners to create special beans or blends to slot perfectly into your brand.

We hope this overview explains the multitude of benefits of serving Hoxton Coffee in your bakehouse and inspires you to get creative with your hybrid menus!

If you'd like to work with us, we'd like to work with you, and a Hoxton Coffee campaign is a great way to break the ice on your new promotions - get in touch or Buy Coffee Online, and we'll get going.

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