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Can You Froth Half and Half?

Half and half is far more popular in the States than in the UK, but it's catching on as a tasty milk alternative for ...

Is Eating Coffee Beans Healthy?

It's no secret that the Hoxton Coffee guys and girls are all about rich, tasty coffee beans - but did you know that t...

Understanding Coffee Strength - the Differences Between Flavour and Caffeine Content

If you're anything like the Hoxton Coffee team, you'll love the jolt of energy and alertness you get from a seriously...

Americano vs Long Black

Hoxton Coffee reveal the secrets behind the art of the barista and how americanos and long blacks differ!

How to Pick a Coffee Plant Out of a Botanical Line-Up

How a handful of berries grew into a drink that you'll find in every city on the planet and why coffee plants are today produced in over 70 different countries.

Creating the Perfect Hoxton Coffee Menu - a Pairing Guide for London Bakehouses

The fragrant, distinctive flavour of coffee is instantly recognisable the world over, and a smooth Hoxton Coffee blen...

Mythbusting the Hype: Are There Mycotoxins in Coffee?

There has been an awful lot of media hype around mycotoxins and whether they're likely to be found in coffee beans. A...

Five Compelling Reasons Your Bakehouse Should Sell Hoxton Coffee

Hoxton Coffee is proud to partner with some of the best bakeries in London and the UK, showcasing the beautiful harmo...

What's the Difference Between Espresso and Filter Coffee?

In this guide, the Hoxton Coffee team explains the difference to help you order with confidence or start making those awesome flavours in your very own kitchen.

Flat White vs Latte

Flat whites and lattes are staples on barista menus throughout the UK - but which coffee is better, and how can you r...

Best Sugar for Coffee

Most of the Hoxton Coffee crew are fans of a pure, rich black brew, but we appreciate that for millions, slightly sweeter coffee is just the ticket to get out of the right side of the bed in the morning.

Honey in Coffee

If you're interested in upping your coffee game, want to consume mindfully, or are simply looking for great natural alternatives to sugar, it's time to try honey in coffee!
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