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hario v60 kettle and dripper

Hario V60 Brew Guide

If you’re looking for a stunning, precise pour, we present to you the Hario V60. This is a slow-pour master from Japan. Siphoning the aim for perfection from Japan’s fabled Samurai, this is a brew that won’t let you down – if you can master a steady hand and make use of its versatility. From bean to cup, you’re looking at 3-4 minutes.


What Do You Need?

Hario V60 brewer

Hario V60 filter


Scale Timer


21g of Hoxton Coffee

Hot water


Alright, let’s do this…


1. Fold & Rinse Filter

After shaping the filter into a cone, use the hot water (just off the boil – so around 96C) to rinse it in the dripper. This removes flavour from the paper, and warms the mug you’re about to brew into. Throw out the water.


2. Measure, Grind

Grind 21 grams (that’s about three full tablespoons) of Hoxton Coffee, making it as fine as salt. After this, you can add the coffee to your Hario brewer.


3. Saturate Grounds

Again with water just off the boil, saturate the ground coffee. Cover the grounds, but don’t flood them. After about 15 seconds, the coffee should ‘bloom’ – this is where it will raise and bubble in the mug. 


4. Keep a Steady Pour

Now the crucial bit: pour the water in a steady, but slow, spiral motion. Add every 10 seconds. Aim for dark spots rather than light, and if you’re making use of a scale head for 360g in the pour.


Remove the brewer, pour into a warm mug & enjoy!

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