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aeropress brew guide

Aeropress Brew Guide

The AeroPress continues to create the right environment for endless creativity and ingenuity in the world of coffee brewing. This is rightly so, considering it was engineered by Alan Adler of Frisbee fame. If you’re at home, this brewing goddess will give you a sweet cup to lighten the mood. Camping? This gives you flavour you didn’t think possible.


What Do You Need?

Aeropress brewer

Aeropress filter





17g of Hoxton Coffee

Hot water


Alright, let’s do this…


1. Measure, Grind

Grind 17 grams of Hoxton Coffee (which is about one rounded spoonful using the AeroPress Spoon). Grind until the consistency is about that of salt.


2. Prepare Filter

After placing the filter in the AeroPress basket, rinse it with hot water just off the boil. This removes paper flavour. Once all is warm, discard the water.

Pro Tip: Heat up your mug at the same time.


3. Saturate Grounds

Connect the basket to the brew chamber’s base, and place on top of your warm mug. Load the Hoxton Coffee into the brewer and add water. Start the timer as you pour, and cover the ground coffee (220 grams of water) within a ten second period.


4. Wait, Stir, Plunge

After putting the plunger on top of the brew chamber, pull up slightly to create a pressure hold, but don’t plunge yet. When the timer’s at 1:15, remove the seal, stir the slurry, then push down on the plunger gently.


You now have a good few mugs of incredible coffee to savour – get to it!

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