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History of the Cappuccino

For all you serious coffee-drinkers out there, you may already know this, but the Cappuccino is not some modern fad that hipsters brought about 50 years ago. No, this is a drink that has developed over the centuries, and here we’re looking at how that happened.

How the drink Cappuccino came about

Cappuccinos as we know them today are typically served as a shot (or two) of espresso mixed with foamed milk. The milk mixes with the crema of the shot, giving it the colour we’re used to. In some areas of the world, it is served with cream rather than milk, and some people think it’s just not a drink worth having without cinnamon added.

Coffee, however, was originally brewed with two steps: coffee beans and hot water. Then, some indulgent types in Europe began adding sugar to it, before the English and French took it a step further in the 1700s.

These aristocrats tried filtering the beans out before drinking the coffee, which led to a whole new phase of enjoyment.

At this point, the word cappuccino seems to have become fairly common, though it was still different than the pieces of art we create at home with Hoxton Coffee today!

After World War II came what’s known as the Age of Crema in coffee-circles, which we’ll be writing about soon on this blog, and with that the more modern version of the cappuccino. With post-war affluence spreading in some parts, espresso machines improved, crema on espresso shots became possible, and frothed milk and warmed cups were added to the equation.

In steps the Cappuccino.

Where Does the Name 'Cappuccino' Come From?

The Viennese populace were believed to be using the word ‘Kapuziner’ first, and this was then taken in Italy to become cappuccino. This was in itself taken from the latin ‘Caputium’, after the Capuchin monks.

So, now you know its history, go forth and brew.

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