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Amazing Ideas for Your Perfect Home Coffee Station

It’s one thing to own good coffee - which, of course, all our clients do - but it’s another thing to make the most of it. To make your friends want to come round an experience your coffee. To make you want to get up in the morning ahead of the alarm. How to do this? We’ve compiled a few beautiful ideas from across the interwebs to inspire you to liven up your very own home coffee station.


1. The Nominated Section of your Bench

My coffee bar in my kitchen is def the highlight of my morning! @farahmerhi_ check out my personal page for sources. ❤️

A post shared by Interior Design & Home Decor (@inspire_me_home_decor) on



Whilst this seems obvious, a lot more can be done than simply putting some mugs next to your brewer and Hoxton Coffee beans. Find an old piece of wood and craft your own lettering on to it. Hang that up next to a lamp and hey presto! Your own coffee station fit for a cafe. Now you just need some stools at the right height. Speaking of...


2. The Minimalist Plant Setting

Light, bright and sunny kitchen 🌿 Shot for @thebalconygarden by @hannahblackmore

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We’re risking getting into the ‘home design’ area here, but we had to include it. Whilst obviously not a purely coffee-focused station, this beautifully designed kitchen bar would be the perfect place to wile away an afternoon with a friend with your freshly brewed Hoxton All Day Blend!


3. The Hallway Conversion

coffee bench - upcycled dressers

Credit: Apartment Therapy

No one ever said you had to put the coffee station in your kitchen though, right? All of us have that awkward bit of wall somewhere between the front and back doors that would be perfect for a well-designed, dressed-up dresser. Hang a few mugs and put in whatever designs you like, and that blank bit of wall becomes a feature coffee station for you and your guests.


4. The Portable Station


Last but not least we have the portable coffee station. The set up that means you can take your coffee (and your guests!) to the back decking, the front lounge or keep them in the kitchen! Just make it look a bit nicer with a trendy ‘quote’ sign and you’re good to go.


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