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How to Brew the Perfect Cup Of Coffee From Home

fresh roasted Hoxton Coffee beans in mug

1. Keep Your Hoxton Coffee Beans Fresh

Fresh coffee beans are one of the most important factors when it comes to proper coffee brewing. Whilst you can be sure that your newly-delivered Hoxton Coffee is fresh, once you open that packet be sure not to leave your coffee open to the elements. Any coffee you don’t use, make sure to place in an airtight, preferably glass container.


2. Use Good, Clean Water

This is something a lot of home drinkers neglect, particularly here in the UK (looking at you, London) where the water from the tap isn’t necessarily direct from a crystal clear brook in the hills! Make sure your water is clean - be that through a good filter on the tap or direct from bottled water. This way, you’ll know there are no nasty chemicals affecting the coffee taste.


ground coffee in filter paper

3. Pay a bit more for High-Quality Filters

Filters are another thing a lot of people ignore. There’s no point buying some fantastic Hoxton Coffee, using nice, clean water, and filtering it through what is essentially a poor-man’s sheet of paper. High-quality filters can be found fairly easily, and can be the difference between an okay cup of coffee at home, and an amazing experience brewed by you.


4. Make Sure the Water’s Not Too Hot

Equally important is the temperature of that clean water. Compounds in coffee are extracted by the water, and too high-a-temperature brings out bitterness rather than that perfect coffee taste. Keep the water at about 45 seconds off a full boil - though most good brewers will do this automatically.


5. Getting the measurements right

For two big cups of coffee - around 470ml - use 5 tablespoons of coffee with 470ml of water. Everyone’s taste is different of course, but this guide should hold you in good stead for your morning brew.
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