world coffee producers forum

World Coffee Producers Forum

The Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) has led the first ever World Coffee Producers Forum, producing a signed declaration and plan aiming to aid producers of the special beans throughout the world. Hoxton Coffee supports these goals in our aim to buy sustainable, fair-trade coffee.   “We have just started a new process in the …

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coffee roasting

Coffee Roasting

Thus far in Hoxton Coffee’s ‘Introduction to Coffee Series’, we’ve run through some main types of coffee beans, the aims in coffee tasting, how to taste coffee, and how to grind it. Next up, we’re looking at coffee roasting and all that it entails. So grab yourself a cuppa, buckle in and learn about roasting! …

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grind coffee

How to Grind Coffee

Welcome to our next post in the Introduction to Coffee Series. Grinding coffee at home is an ever-increasing, popular option for coffee connoisseurs across the world. Not only does it hugely increase the quality of your cup of coffee, it also makes your house smell amazing – so you know, there’s added benefits! But how do …

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History of Cappuccino

For all you serious coffee-drinkers out there, you may already know this, but the Cappuccino is not some modern fad that hipsters brought about 50 years ago. No, this is a drink that has developed over the centuries, and here we’re looking at how that happened.   HOW THE DRINK CAPPUCCINO CAME ABOUT Cappuccinos as …

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is coffee good for you

Is Coffee Good For You?

Recently, a new multi-group study (heralded as the biggest single study into coffee consumption ever) claimed that drinking coffee could add as much as nine minutes per day to our lives. Here’s what they found.   Published in August 2017 in the Annals of Internal Medicine journal, the study – Coffee Drinking and Mortality in 10 European …

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How To Drink Coffee – The Aim!

In James Hoffman’s undeniable coffee journey, ‘The World Atlas of Coffee’, the first line reads: ‘Coffee has never been better than it is today.” The trouble facing the industry is that in a time of grab-and-run coffee dispensers and take-away cups, the art of enjoying coffee is gradually slipping away. So, as the next part …

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robusta coffee fruit

Robusta Coffee

Coffee is an art, and like most art forms you need to understand it to fully appreciate it. Sure, you can just drink the odd cappuccino and enjoy that foamy finish. But you’re reading the first instalment in Hoxton Coffee’s Introduction to Coffee Series, which means you want to know a bit more. Well, you’re …

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